Our team of skilled and experienced technicians specializes in esthetic anterior restorations and full mouth implant restorations. We guarantee realistic, cosmetically pleasing, and highly functional products that you and your patients will be proud of.

    Smile Plus Dental Laboratory Policies

    Remake Policy

    Smile Plus Dental Laboratory guarantees its work for two years against defects in materials and craftsmanship. The following restorations, appliances, and services, however, are not covered by any warranty due to their temporary or delicate nature.

    1.  Lab Temporaries
    2. Veneers
    3. Stayplates
    4. Immediate Dentures
    5. Valplast
    6. Thermoflex Clasp

    Warranty Policy

    The cost for fabrication custom made dental restoration and appliance cannot be refunded, but can be remade for free except under the following circumstances:

    1.  Any changes on original design or instructions
    2. The teeth are re-prepped
    3. There is a shade or product change that is different from the original request
    4. The partial fits the master cast
    5. When there is a perfect fit on the model
    6. If original prosthesis is not returned the full amount will be charged
    7. If new impression was requested by Smile Plus Dental Laboratory, but followed the Doctor’s instruction to proceed without the new impression, the remake policy is null and void. Any further remake will be completed at full cost.

    Smile Plus Dental Laboratory guarantees Valplast and dentures for one year against breakage, normal wear and tear including discolorization and attains are excluded.
    Smile Plus Dental Laboratory recommends that all partial and full dentures should be cleaned daily with the proper materials.
    Warranty for dentures will not apply if they were not fabricated together with a wax try-in.


    The cost of the Collection of any account will be paid by the customer.

    All accounts are payable within 15 days of the statement date.

    Accounts not paid within the stated terms will be subject to COD status and a late charge of 2% of the unpaid balance.
    Price subject to change without notice
    Rx must be enclosed with the original case submission