Our veneers are created using IPS e.max®, Zirconia, Full Solid Zirconia or Lava Ultimate.

Give your patients the smiles they've always dreamed of.  Veneers can be delivered with little to no prep, making it easy on your patients as well as you, the dentist.














Feldspathic Veneers are made using a quartz type porcelain on a platinum foil or refractory die. With a wet brush being used along with porcelain powder, a ceramicist paints layers onto a model and then bakes it in a porcelain oven. Because porcelain layers are thin and shrink when heated, the process is done repeatedly until the contour is just right. The ceramicist will place different colors during each state to get the look that best fits you.



Color control
Amount of reduction required
External finishing will not remove color



Difficult fabrication
Fit can be difficult to obtain


Zirconia/Lava Veneer

Ultimate Veneer